Cannabis Legislation Survey – Online Now

Yes, cannabis will be legal in Alberta on October 17, 2018, but:

  • only if you’re 18+;
  • purchased only from licensed stores or
  • 30 grams is the most you can buy or carry at a time
  • you can’t smoke in some public places – know your local laws
  • driving high is illegal
  • it can’t be within reach of anyone in a vehicle
  • only 4 plants can be grown per household
  • edibles are not yet legal to sell
  • kids can’t enter cannabis stores

Read the Alberta Cannabis Framework to learn more.

Update: July 12
Thank you to those who participated. 

The Survey is now closed.
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  1. Calvin Leveille July 3, 2018 at 9:16 am - Reply

    It’s a legal product, certainly kids should be taught not to use it, as with cigarettes and alcohol. I am not a user but I feel that those who do should be able to in the privacy of their own homes, without serious legal ramifications. That being said, you might get more responses without the name and email requirements. The Recapta exercise is a serious waste of my time, and should be deleted

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