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Chevron Aquatic Centre – Swimming Lessons April 2019

Swimming Lessons at the Fox Creek Greenview Multiplex

There are 4 modules in the Lifesaving Society Swim for Life® program that Chevron Aquatic Centre will be offering:

  • Parent &Tot: for parents and children up to 3 years of age
  • Preschool: for children 3-5 years
  • Swimmer: for children 5 years and older
  • Adult Swimmer: for people over 16 years

Registration opens on March 11th, 2019 at 9:00 am. Registration must be done in person at the Fox Creek Greenview Multiplex. Payment must be made at the time of registration and a waiver must be signed by the parent/guardian. A wait list will be generated for classes that are full.

Unsure of what level to register your child in? You can bring them in to be screened during public swimming from March 8-10th, 2019

Set A will run every Monday ending on May 27, 2019

Set B will run every Wednesday ending on May 22, 2019
There will be NO CLASSES on Apr. 22, Apr. 24, and May 20.

*Please make note of the Conversion Chart from Red Cross Swimming Lessons to the Lifesaving Society Swim for Life® program. Click here to see and download the chart!

Baby Boats Aqua Fit

Baby Boats Aqua Fit

Baby Boats is a parent and infant Aqua Fit class! This 30 minute class is spent in the water with an instructor doing an Aquafit class while your infant rides comfortably in one of our dolphin boats! This class is ideal for children under 1 year old or depending on size/fit  in the dolphin boat.

April 2019 Swim Schedule