Please be advised that the purpose of the Road Use Agreement Bylaw, is to protect municipality roads, now and in the future.

While operating a commercial vehicle, in the Town of Fox Creek, we require the following permits only if applicable:

  1. Over-weight and over dimensional permits can be purchased on TRAVIS or through the Town. The cost for an over-dimensional permit is $35.
  1. Tri-drive and Tri-axel carriers (TAC) permits are required if your axle groups exceed 17,000kgs.The cost for a TAC/Tri-drive permit is $100 for 1-10 units, annually and allows operators the same legal weights as the province.
  1. Transportation of Dangerous Goods permits are applicable if you are transporting dangerous goods through Town. The cost for TDG permit is $100.00 for the entire fleet, annually.

For example: A municipal permit for ten tri-axle truck/trailer units is $100.00 annually, less than an average hotel room in Fox Creek.

All permits may be purchased in person, or by phone, at the Town Office or through TRAVIS.

Town of Fox Creek
102 Kaybob Drive

Alberta Transportation Online Services
or through any TRAVIS Agent.

When is a permit required?

If you are stopping in Fox Creek to use Town services, we ask that you still have the required permits.  Some exemptions apply.  A permit is not required if:

  • you require a tire change and use services at the local tire shop;
  • you breakdown and require mechanical assistance;
  • you operate a cartage company or delivery vehicle.

Did you know?

Alberta Transportation requires operators of Tri-drive and Tri-axle weights exceeding 17,000kgs to contact the county, or municipality of jurisdiction, for prior approval. Details are available at:

Please be advised the Traffic Control bylaw will come into force July 1, 2018.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email

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