How can we help?

Complete Your Fox Creek Census Online

Got your PIN#? You can complete your Census online in just a few minutes! The link will open in a new window for you.  Click Here to Complete your Census.

Please feel free to call the Town office during business hours if you have difficulty, questions, or would like assistance! Call 780-622-3896 .

Questions on how to answer? 

  1. IF you live in Fox Creek and this is your primary residence – You are a permanent resident.
  2. IF you rent a place or a room in Fox Creek and you work for a company that has a facility or business operating in Fox Creek, but this is NOT your primary residence – You can count yourself (or your roommate) as a Shadow Population resident.
  3. Every person who stays in the residence on a regular basis (yes, even if you work shifts!) can be counted.
  4. You do not have to provide your name, and the information collected is ONLY used for statistical purposes.