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Thinking about making some changes to your home?

It’s important to know as much as you can about your project before you begin so there are no surprises. Various types of projects are regulated by the Town of Fox Creek and may require permits and inspections.

Before making structural changes to your home, browse the information brochures, permit requirements and relevant bylaws.


Planning and Development
Town of Fox Creek
PO Box 149
Fox Creek, Alberta

Tel: (780) 622 3896


Planning and Development manages land use, including long-range planning and forecasting, subdivision applications reviews, land use plans and policies and public consultation on proposed land use changes.

This department also administers the permitting and compliance certificate process, ensures building and renovation design meet quality standards and provides mapping and addressing functions.

The Planning and Development department has a series of information brochures outlining issues and requirements for common residential improvement projects.

Accessory Building Brochure
Deck and Patio Brochure
Driveway Brochure
Fence Brochure

Garage Brochure
Landscaping Brochure

Fox Creek’s Land Use Bylaw, and amendments, regulate how land and buildings are used, building location, site allocation, building heights, and other provisions to ensure orderly development.

Land Use Bylaw

Land Use Bylaw Amendment 782-2016

Land Use Bylaw Amendment 783-2016

Land Use Bylaw Amendment 784-2016

Land Use Bylaw Amendment 798-2017

The Municipal Development Plan for the Town of Fox Creek provides policy direction that promotes sustainable growth and development, and supports both a high quality of life and economic opportunities for the community.
Through a vision for the future, strategic principles, and an overall concept for growth over the next 25 years, both private and public sector actions and decisions can be coordinated to achieve these desired long-term goals for the community.
View the Fox Creek Municipal Development Plan

The Downtown Area Redevelopment Plan (DARP) for the Town of Fox Creek presents a vision for the core of our community over the next 25 years. As our community grows and develops over time, we intend for our downtown to serve as a retail and service hub that not only provides a centre for local residents, but also serves the region as a whole.

In addition to providing additional commercial opportunities, we also want to position our downtown as a centre of community activity.

Downtown Area Redevelopment Plan

The MD of Greenview and the Town of Fox Creek have jointly adopted an intermunicipal development plan (IDP) for lands lying within the municipalities. The Inter-municipal Development Plan provides for the future land use, the manner of and proposals for future development and any other matter relating to the physical, social or economic development within the shared area.

Inter-municipal Development Plan

Before beginning development on any project there are several steps you will need to take to make sure your new building or development is in compliance with local bylaws and regulations.

Development Permits

The Town of Fox Creek requires all businesses that are operating, working, providing or selling a product or service within or partially within the town corporate boundaries to possess a valid Fox Creek business license

Business license

Subdivision Permits

Safety Codes Officers (SCO) review building plans and complete construction inspections as required under the Alberta Building Code. You must have a plans review completed by an accredited SCO before a building permit can be issued.

Accredited Safety Codes Agency appointed by the Town:


12010 – 111 Avenue Edmonton, Alberta T5L 4S9

Ph.: 780-489-4777 or 1-866-999-4777

Fax: 780-489-4711 or 1-866-900-4711



If you have any questions, please contact the Planning and Development department (780) 622 3896 or

The link to MuniSight will be provided when available.