• The accounting firm of Shoemaker, Viney & Friesen provided a clean audit opinion to Council during the financial statement presentation done March 26, 2018. Books are being well maintained and testing done on records provided satisfactory results in all areas.

Operational revenue of $11,173,061 is comprised of $3,784,277 generated through property taxation, with the remainder generated from government transfers, user fees, rental revenue, franchise fees, penalties and interest plus some land sales. Operating expenses for the same period totaled $8,625,196, with the generated surplus flowing over to assist with funding the capital projects.

Construction in progress for 2017 totaled $22,336,213 and capital acquisitions totaled $2,466,448. Thanks to the funding partners on the capital projects, administration was able to not withdraw any debt during 2017. The Town’s reserves are slightly underfunded at year end, but that anomaly should self-correct once the debt is drawn on.

  • Council congratulated Darren McDonough on his Alberta Water & Wastewater Operators Association Operator of the Year Award, it is great to see one of our Fox Creek Water Operators win such an exciting award for his outstanding work.
  • Council has passed Policy PO65-2018 Condolence Policy which states the method for expressing the Town’s sympathy at the passing of an employee or an employee’s immediate family.
  • The Recreation Committee is currently looking into a couple new locations for ball diamonds. Council will be reviewing all the information from the Recreation Committee as well as from Administration to help make a decision.
  • Council has given Administration direction to enforce Bylaw 778-2016 which regulates Boarding Houses In the past Administration has been more lenient on the Boarding Houses due to the lack of available accommodations.
  • Council would like to thank SemCAMS and the Town Administration for taking action to ensure the abatement of the arena is done so it can be reopened for the final weekend tournaments and the Derald Palmer Memorial Arena closing ceremonies. Thank you SemCAMS for your generosity in helping the Town out!
  • Council has met with Ministers of Energy, Infrastructure and Housing and Senior’s to discuss some of the many issues Fox Creek is facing.