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Council Highlights – May 14


  • Millar Western presented to Council as a delegation to provide a brief overview of reasoning for looking to restart their burner at the Fox Creek facility for a period of 18 months.
  • ATCO presented to Council as a delegation to discuss the advantages of switching the lights in town to LED to help the town become more energy efficient and reduce power costs.
  • There has been great response so far on the Community Housing Demand Assessment Survey, and we are looking forward to seeing the final results!
  • Council gave third and final reading to the 2018 Operating and 2018 Capital budgets.
  • Council passed Bylaw 807/2018 Land Use Bylaw Amendment on the cultivation and retail on cannabis.
  • Council gave first reading to Bylaw 806/2018 Traffic Control Bylaw, the updates include information on overweight and over-dimensional trucks.
  • Council approved the User Rates for the Multiplex – these rates are the introductory rates and passes will become available closer to the Grand Opening! The rates will also be advertised on our Facebook page as well as the Press out of Whitecourt.
  • Council has awarded the fitness equipment in the new Multiplex to Apple Fitness.
  • Council declares June 3 – 9, 2018 Seniors Week! Stay tuned for upcoming events from the CRC!
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