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Council Highlights – Monday, December 11

  • We had a great turn out for the Christmas Tree Light Up. Thank you to everyone who attended. Keep your eyes open for our new additions to Oasis Park in the next couple of days as we work towards making the park a winter destination for everyone to enjoy!
  • Heart River Housing attended the Council meeting as a delegation. They took this opportunity to introduce themselves to Council and review the services they offer the community and surrounding area. Fox Creek continues to be a top priority for the development of additional affordable housing, and partnerships with the Provincial and Federal Governments are currently being worked on to make that priority happen.
  • A representative from Synergy Alberta also attended the Council meeting as a delegation to introduce the group and what they are doing around the province. There has been interest to start a Synergy group in the Fox Creek area and Council has passed on its support to start looking into the options to make this group successful in our region. The Group would work to assist with the communication between the community, stakeholders and industry.
  • Council motioned to begin a Snow Removal Pilot Program to help reduce the cost of snow removal in the community. Stay tuned for further information about the new program.
  • An interim budget was passed for 2018 until further Strategic Planning Sessions and Budget Meetings can take place.
  • Council motioned to hire Shoemaker, Viney and Friesen  as the Town’s Auditor for a three year term ending in 2019.
  • Council motioned to begin setting up business visitation meetings with the different sectors that make up Fox Creek. The hopes of these meetings are to hear concerns, what is working, things to work on and to open communication between the Town and local business. Additional information and invitations for these meetings will be sent out shortly … stay tuned.
  • Council appointed Chris McKennitt, Don Sather, Leanna Iddings, Glen Larson and Jody Davidson as members at large for our Recreation and Culture Committee. Thank you for volunteering your time towards the recreation and culture needs of our community – it’s very appreciated!
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