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Council Highlights – November 13, 2018

  • A Representative from Tour Group presented to Council regards to funding from the Town for their New Year’s Eve event. Council motioned for the Hall rental fee be waived for this event.
  • Council approved the Holiday hours for the Town Administration and Departments. The Town Office will be closed from:
    • December 24-26, reopening Thursday, December 27 with regular office hours
    • January 1st, reopening Wednesday, January 2nd with regular office hours.
  • Council approved the recommendation from the Director of Operations to move forward with Wood PLC’s proposal to update the Sewage Lift Station on Archery Road. This proposal will save the Town money and will allow this update to move along quickly while keeping the current lift station operational.
  • Storage lockers were recently built on the second floor of the new Arena. 4 of these lockers will be available for any Hockey Team wishing to use them. There will be a refundable $100.00 damage deposit required. This is a preliminary project that will be reviewed in August 2019.
  • Council passed Bylaw 816-2018 To Regulate the Proceedings of Council. This Bylaw replaces Bylaw 744-2014. The amendments include updates to the changes to the Municipal Government Act, as well as adjustments to Council agenda orders.
  • Council and Town Administration would like to congratulate the School Administration and the students who participated in the Icelandic Exchange Trip! What a fantastic opportunity to learn about different cultures – We are also looking forward to having some students and Administrators come to Fox Creek to learn about Canadian Culture.
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