Council has given third and final reading to Bylaw 810-2018 Business License Bylaw as well as Land Use Bylaw Amendments. These bylaws included cannabis regulations in relation to cannabis use within the Town. There will be a maximum of 3 Business Licenses for cannabis retail or distribution stores. Council has also set out the distances of where Cannabis can and cannot be consumed within the Town. For further information, please see the Town website for the additions to the Bylaws.

The administration will be looking into becoming a ‘certifier’ for CertVine which will allow the Town to certify any local company to a database that can be used by various companies for searching for contractors for projects in the area. This database will also allow users to see the various projects going on around town and what kind of projects they are.

Council wishes to thank:

  • SemCAMS for sponsoring David Irvine, a motivational speaker to come and present to the Town Staff and Council. Mr. Ivrine explained the 2 key things of making yourself better which helps us make the Town of Fox Creek a better place to live by creating a strong team.
  • The Minister of Transportation for the release of land located near the airport effective immediately – this will allow the Town to develop this area and allow for further growth of the every growing Fox Creek. The Minister of Transportation has also taken note of the deterioration of Highway Avenue and 1st and understands that these roads are the main routes which contribute to the economic prosperity of the Town, region and Province – therefore the Alberta Government will be committing up to $3 million dollars over the construction phase to aid in the reconstruction of these roads.
  • The Deputy Premier and the Minister of Energy for taking the time out of their busy schedules to present the information from the Minister of Transportation in regards to the restoration of Highway Avenue and 1st Avenue as well as the release of land near the airport!

Business License Bylaw 810-2018