Council motions to move forward with the closing of the Fox Creek Airport upon the completion and certification of a new heli-pad. The heli-pad will be located on the south side of the hospital (in between the hospital and Iosegun Manor) and will provide easier access for the emergency responders to bring the required stretchers directly into the hospital.

A partnership with the Municipal District of Greenview has been formed for the construction of the heli-pad. A request for proposal for the build of the new infrastructure will be tendered our in the near future in order to move construction ahead as soon as possible.

Axia presented to Council as a delegation about the potential of bringing high speed fibre optic lines to the community. These potential lines would be installed in the community at no capital cost to the Town of Fox Creek pending a 30% support or interest rate from the residents. Council has directed Administration to follow up with the other communities who have moved forward with the installation of the infrastructure and come back to Council with a recommendation.

A big thank you to the two members of the Community who have stepped up to serve on the following Board and Committees:

  • Stacy Hanlon as a member at large on the Joint Recreation Board.
  • Kim Kennedy as a member at large on the Greenview Waste Management Committee.

A new potential truck route and dangerous good route were presented to Council for review. Council has directed Administration to advertise the new routes before approval will be given. We encourage you to keep your eyes open for the advertising of the new routes and pass along your opinions about the changes we are potentially making!

Council motioned to have the skate park located on the east side of the multiplex parking lot. This spot is highly visible from the multiplex and the parking lot, will be well lit and will keep the children away from most of the traffic entering or exiting the facility. A huge thank you and congratulations also to the members of our Community that have worked so hard to make this new skate park a reality for our youth. We are super excited for construction to start this spring!

Council reviewed the Enhanced Policing Agreement, discussing areas of concern and focus for the enhanced officer. Council has requested that administration add community involvement to the enhanced agreement with the hopes of getting groups such as Citizens on Patrol back off the ground. Council motioned to move forward with the signing of the agreement pending the discussed changes.

Council motioned to enter into an agreement with the curling club to renew the lease for the land that the building is currently on for a 5 year period.

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