Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) presented their plan to Council with respect to helping the Caribou Draft Range Plan. CAPP believes that the Caribou can be protected and recover alongside industry activity in the area. CAPP wants to make it very clear that industry in prepared to contribute to aiding the recovery of the Caribou. They strongly recommend that Council participates in the process by attending the Information and Engagement Sessions in Whitecourt and Edmonton.

Chamber of Commerce presented to Council as a delegation and are reaching out to get financial assistance from Council to help make the Chamber strong and have a larger presence in the Town, as well as provide proper training and equipment for their employees.

Council will be advertising Policy PO64-2018 Council Remuneration Policy outlining Council honorariums and the guidelines that will be followed by all Council members during their term in Office.

After much debate and consideration, the Town will be making adjustments to our Pilot Snow Removal Project. We will be hauling snow away after heavy snow falls, and lighter snow falls will be pushed off to the side. We will not be pushing onto residential properties any longer. We listened to the citizens’ concerns and would like to thank everyone who participated in our online snow removal survey and made their voices heard. Please stay tuned for further information.

Council will be attending a Councillor retreat with the Municipal District of Greenview, Town of Grande Cache and Town of Valleyview in June. This is an opportunity for Council to network, grow as a team and be able to discuss different issues Towns are facing.

The next Couple of weeks are very busy for Council as they are attending a number of different seminars, workshops and conferences. Each of these events helps aide Council in becoming more familiar with their roles, and provide further insight as to the role of a Councillor and dealing with the government.

Council appointed Kim Caouette as a Member at Large for the Joint Economic Development and Tourism Committee. Thanks for volunteering your time Kim.

There are still a number of volunteer positions available on our Council Committee and Boards. Visit Civic Board and Committee Members: Council, Volunteers and Members at Large