• Council would like to thank all of the members of the Emergency Service Crews who assisted on Hwy 43 during the pileup on December 23, 2017. A Job well done in keeping people safe!
  • Council approved the following appointments for members at large to our Boards and Commissions:
    • Kim Hanlon, Alison Sharpe and Kori-Ann Fiorentino as members at large to the Community Enhancement Committee.
    • Montessa Villaneuva as a member at large on the Community Services Board
    • Stacy Hanlon (Pending and will be finalized at the next Council Meeting) and Kori-Ann Fiorentino as members at large on the Joint Economic Development and Tourism Board.

A HUGE thank you to everyone who has stepped up and volunteered their time to be part of our committees. We will have a lot of need and spaces that require filling and would love for your to be part of the decisions made in our Community. For all of the information about our Boards and Commissions please visit our website.

  • Council passed a motion to renew our Emergency Fire Dispatch Agreement with the City of Grande Prairie to provide the Town with Dispatch Services.
  • Council passed a policy to issue 14 ATB MaterCard’s to the Town with a limit of $5000.00 / card to be used by Council and Managers for booking of hotel rooms, travel expenses or work related expenses as required. Use of these cards and spending will be controlled by current Town Policies and spending procedures.
  • Council would like to thank everyone who has provided feedback on our Pilot Snow Removal Program. We continue to work on developing the program to suit the needs of our community.