Highlights from the September 2017 Regular Council Meetings:

  • Council passed 799-2017 Collection of TRAVIS Fees – this will assist in controlling the large over-sized trucks that come into Town.
  • Council proclaimed that September 24 – 30th be known as Alberta Development Officers week.
  • Council approved the ATCO Rider Rate to stay unchanged at 5.5% for 2018.
  • Thank you to Elizabeth Duff for coming to Council to share your experiences and your well-deserved medals from the 2017 World Dwarf Games. It was great to hear about all the fun you had while competing!
  • Council passed Bylaw 798-2017 Land Use Bylaw Amendment in regards to the development at Oasis Park.
  • Council gave first reading to Bylaw 800-2017 Fees and Charges.
  • Council passed the updated Accounts Payable Purchasing and Expenditure Control Policy.
  • Council approved a new rental rate for the Fitness Centre at the Visitor Information Centre.

Great attendance at all the 50th Homecoming Events. Great to see the community come together to help celebrate at the many functions hosted by the Town. Congratulations to the Town Staff for a successful weekend.