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Council Meeting Jan. 28, 2019 Highlights

  • The Fox Creek School Grad Committee presented to Council on behalf of the Graduating Class of 2019, thanking Council for their continued support of the students of Fox Creek as well as providing the Community Hall rental free of charge for their Graduating Banquet. Council would like to wish the Graduating Class the best of luck during exams and hope that their Banquet is one to remember!
  • Council will continue to be a sponsor for STARS Air Ambulance. Council will be sponsoring STARS in the amount of $62,500.00, split into equal installments over five years. STARS continues to be a vital service to the Town of Fox Creek, whether it is an emergency situation on the highway or a transfer from one hospital to another.
  • The Joint Recreation Committee has been hard at work to put together a fun filled Grand Opening Celebration for the Fox Creek Greenview Multiplex. Council allotted the committee $30,000.00 from their hosting budget for the event. Please stay tuned to the Town’s Social Media Outlets for more information on the Fox Creek Greenview Multiplex Grand Opening on February 23, 2019!
  • Town Administration, with Council approval, will be putting together a plan to complete a Municipal Census for 2019. This census data will allow the Town to determine the actual Shadow Population numbers for Fox Creek. This information will help prove that more people utilize our local amenities than just our residential population.
  • Town Administration will be drafting a policy with regards to advertising for various Town organizations. The advertising will be for any Town event for local not-for-profit organizations. The administration will be bringing this draft policy back to Council for review and approval.
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