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The Development Department is available to discuss your development and building plans in Fox Creek. Before beginning development on any project there are several steps you will need to take to make sure your new building or development is in compliance with local bylaws and regulations.

Development Permit

A Development Permit is required for any new construction or changes to any existing buildings or land. Development permit applications can be made at the Town Administration Office by filling out the form below:

Compliance Certificate

As of October 18, 2016 onward, as part of Compliance Certificate application, the Town of Fox Creek will only accept RPR that is:

  1. No older than six (6) months from the time of request, or
  2. No older than year 2005 accompanied by a Statutory Declaration.

One cost-effective way to comply with the new RPR requirement is to get an updated RPR instead of complete a new RPR. Please note that ONLY the original Land Surveyor can update the report.

Development Fees

Compliance Certificates
All Compliance Certificates$50.00
Rush Order (within 24 hours-includes a fax copy confirmation)$80.00
Subdivision Applications
Subidivsion Application Fee$400.00
Parcel fee excluding remnant, up to 20 parcels$100.00 / parcel
Parcel fee excluding remnant, over 20 parcels$50.00 / parcel
Development Permits
Business License Application (home, commercial or industrial)
**(License applications that require renovations to the building(s) will require a separate Development Permit Application for Renovations)$20.00
Certificate of Title search $25.00
Development Permit Application fee for Boarding House$150.00
Residential Development
R1A, R1B, ER
Single Family Dwellings$200.00
Attached or Detached addition to dwelling$125.00
Renovations, Fireplace, Decks/Patio, Sheds$125.00
Mobile / Modular Homes$200.00
Attached or Detached addition to dwelling$125.00
Renovations, Fireplace, Decks/Patio, Sheds$125.00
R2, R3, R4
Multi Falmily Dwelling$300.00
Four-Plex Development$300.00
Apartment (5 suites)$300.00
Condominium/Row House - 3 units $300.00
Condominium/Row Houses (Attached garage)$300.00
Attached or detached addition to dwelling$125.00
Renovations, Fireplace, Decks/Patio, Sheds$125.00
C1, C2, C3
Commercial Building$500.00
Motel/Hotel (up to 12 units)$500.00
Restaurant/Lounge - up to 12 units $500.00
Drive-In Business $500.00
Service Station$500.00
Service Station (tank replacement) $150.00
Renovations $200.00
Accessory Building(s)$200.00
Addition Renovations$400.00
Accessory Building(s)$400.00
Direct Control$400.00
US, P1, UR
Day Care / Group Home$400.00
Public Use Building$400.00
Accessory Building (s)$400.00
For properties zoned DC - All DC Properties$400.00
Demolition Permits$75.00

Commercial and Industrial Development Permit applications should be accompanied by a corporate titles search – $30.00