The Town of Fox Creek welcome 40 members of the Peace Region Economic Development Alliance (PREDA) on September 21st. PREDA is a partnership of 37 municipalities, educational institutions, business groups and Community Futures working together to guide Regional Economic Development of Alberta’s Northwest.

This was a great opportunity to showcase our wonderful town to the different municipalities within the Peace Region. The group discussed new developments in the Peace Region Communities. Town of the main speakers were the Plant Protein Alliance of Alberta who is looking into opportunities in the plan proteins industry, as well as Optix who spoke on Fiber Optic Infrastructure and the steps that are required to bring fiber optics to rural municipalities.

Fox Creek took this opportunity to showcase our new Multiplex to the members, who were very impressed. The Town was also able to share the many accomplishments we have reached for such a ‘young’ town as well as the exciting development opportunities we have coming in the near future. Overall the meeting was a great success for all who attended.