Heavy Truck Permit Fees – Bylaw Amendments

The Town of Fox Creek has undertaken a revision, and consolidation, of Traffic Control Bylaw 806-2018 and TRAVIS Bylaw 799-2017 (Traffic Control Consolidated 813-2018).  As well,  Road Use Agreement 812-2018 replaces Road Use Agreement 804-2018.

This revision has resulted in the removal of sections 3.3 Over-Dimensional Permit and 3.6 Multiple Legal Load Permit.

We would also like to reassure you, a permit is NOT required if you are passing through the area. If you are travelling on Highway 43, and want to stop for fuel, food, parts, or emergency repairs, you will not need a permit.

A revised Permit Fee Schedule is posted below this notice.

The date for the implementation of the new truck permit fees is August 1, 2018.

Although not available at this time, we are working towards implementing an e-commerce system where you will purchase the permits, not available on the TRAVIS system, through Town of Fox Creek Website.

A copy of the revised bylaws, with a complete listing of fees and penalties, is available for review. Alternatively, if you would like an email copy, or have any questions, please contact us at 780-622-3896, or email permits@foxcreek.ca.

Please note: We are experiencing a high volume of phone calls, and emails. There could be some delay in our response time. Your patience is appreciated.

Traffic Control consolidated 813-2018
Travis Fees Collection 799-2017
Road Use Agreement 812-2018
Public Notice – Heavy Truck Permit Fees
3.1.1$ 35.00to operate or park a vehicle off a Heavy Vehicle Route
3.3.2$ 35.00Heavy vehicle / 1000 kg over certificate weight per trip
$ 2,500.00Annual Heavy Vehicle Permit (115%) or 15% over weight ban
$ 5,000.00Annual (fleet 1-10 trucks)
$ 100.00per 1000 KG over 140%
$ 35.00Changes or amendments to Heavy Vehicle Permit
3.4.5$ 100.001-10 Truck/Trailer Unit(s)
3.4.6$ 35.00Amendments to Tri-Drive – TAC Permit
3.7.3$ 100.00Local Business (Rate Payer)
3.7.4$ 500.00Non-Local Business
12.4.3$ 100.00Dangerous Goods Permit
Local Business (rate payers) are exempt
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  1. Rod Perron June 30, 2018 at 6:07 pm - Reply

    If you want to encourage business you should act like it.. I have been trying to expand my business into Fox Creek. To purchase property there your developer is asking $200,000 per acre. That does not include gravel. That is Red Deer or GrandPrairie prices. In Valleyview I purchased 16acres from the town for $35,000 per acre. Fox Creek is a one industry town. It is very subjective to the boom and bust cycle. There is no way that I will spend over a million dollars on property and then build a shop for another million with odds that 10 years from now Iwont be able togive it away.
    Now what I hear your council to say with this current tax scheme is that you don’t want us in your town at all. I have asked our drivers to avoid Fox Creek if at all possible. You guys must all work for an NDP government because you sure know how to shut down business.

  2. darcy Movold July 8, 2018 at 3:12 pm - Reply

    It’s no wonder trucks are avoiding Fox Creek like the plague. Big companies have been told to not stop in Fox Creek anymore to fuel up. This is what happens when you don’t choose a council wisely.

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