SDAB Recruitment Media Release (download) 

The Town of Fox Creek is recruiting volunteers for (2) members for the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board The Board seeks candidates with experience in:

  • community representation or knowledge of community issues;
  • architecture;
  • law;
  • engineering/construction; or
  • urban planning/development.

Additionally, members of the Board must be current residents of Fox Creek. Individuals with good analytical skills, the ability to be fair and open-minded, and a capacity to work collaboratively with other Board members is beneficial.

Please contact the Town of Fox Creek Administration office if you have any questions regarding this volunteer opportunity. If you would like to apply for this volunteer position please send the Town a letter outlining your related experience and your willingness to participate in hearings.

Please send your letter to:
Betty He, Development Officer
102 Kaybob Drive, P.O. Box 149
Fox Creek, AB. T0H 1P0
780-622-4247 (fax)