The Fox Creek Library

The Fox creek Library is a great example of what volunteers can accomplish. Over the years many, many citizens of Fox Creek have volunteered their services to do it. Besides the volunteers it is also necessary to mention that staff also served through the years. Our present Librarian is Leslie Sharkey and we would also like to recognize the incredible contributions of the Fox Creek School, evening librarian and full time staff.

The Fox Creek Library enjoys the partnership with a variety of groups including the Community Resource Centre, The CHAMPS Team, CIBC, Fox Creek School Parent Council, The Alberta Foundation for the Arts, local artists and Alberta Human Resources and Employment and Youth Connections in joit purchases with Fox Creek School to create a computer “Career Corner”. The Library has started presenting art exhibits, author visits, music displays and even children performers. The Library has also started local in the library, including art displays and display of groups and organizations. Probably the biggest partnership that the library has is with the Fox Creek School. A huge part of what has made the Library what it is today has come from this partnership.

The Fox Creek Library is also a member of the Peace Library System in 2002 and this has been a significant factor in keeping us up on technological development. The lastest major event at our Library has been partnering with Peace Library System in joining TRAC.

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