One of the commitments of your new Council is to create better communication between Town Council, its Administration and the Community as a whole.

As a start to this enhancement, the Town is upgrading its website with more information and making it more user friendly. In addition, we have created a new Town of Fox Creek Facebook Page where we will be posting activities in the Community as well as immediate things that may affect you as you go about your daily lives. The Facebook Page also allow you to comment and ask questions. We are attempting to have at least same day responses. We have a monthly newsletter that goes out in your utility bill, which is also distributed in various locations around Town and is available electronically by signing up on our website.

An ask the Mayor and Council Facebook page has also been created so that you may be direct communication with your elected officials. Again, you are asked to follow this page to keep abreast of what is happening in your Town. This forum is also available on the Town Website.

Communication is a two way street and we ask that if you have a concern about something that is happening in Town or a direction we are going in, please contact us first so we have the opportunity to address it. Just as if someone had a problem with you or your business you would want them to contact you before venting elsewhere. Help us Help you!

Mayor and Council