The commissioning of the new wells, pumping stations, and water treatment centre begin the week of July 17.

During this first week we will begin flowing water from the 13 new wells that have been installed. These wells gather into 3 pump stations, and then feed into the Water Treatment Plant through an 8 km long water main.

The Process and Anticipated Schedule

July 17-22
We will:

  • sample water chemistry and quality;
  • pressure test the newly installed water main;
  • ensure proper operation of air relief valves, control points, and flow capacities;
  • and ensure proper operation of the supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system.

Once all of these critical steps are completed, we will begin to flow water into the Water Treatment System.

July 24-28
We will begin optimizing the treatment process. Our new filtration system uses Greensand Plus, which will remove the iron and manganese in the water.

What to expect

Residents will notice some issues with discoloration over the next two to three weeks, as some of our old wells will be semi-retired, and we will be changing flows and pressures within the system.

If discoloration is present, please flush cold water taps.

Our Utilities staff will be present, flushing hydrants when needed, monitoring water quality, and continually ensuring public health and safety with our water supply.

Town staff, administration and Council are thrilled to have this major milestone for our community met.