The new water plant is beginning to come on-line. For the last month treated water has been flowing through our distribution system. We are very pleased with the reduction in iron and manganese that the upgraded water plant is providing, through Greensand Plus filtration.

We have resumed bulk water sales after a lengthy absence. Accounts may be set up at the Town Administration Office.

The Highway 43 work is almost complete. The redesign of the entrances into town will require a new flow for heavy traffic. Significant change: all vehicles with more than 3 axles MUST Use 3rd Street East and NOT Kaybob Drive.

We will be trying to complete the dust control application to our gravel roads. We have had some significant disruptions this year, including a very wet spring, coordination of heavy equipment operators, and scheduling with the supplier of the SB-90 dust suppressant.

This year we milled out sidewalks to reduce trip hazards where the panels have heaved over time.

Asphalt millings are available for sale. The rate is $17.50/ton. Town staff will load trucks, but the hauling and placement of this material is the responsibility of the purchaser. Please contact the Town at (780) 622.3896 to place orders.

The Sewage Receiving Station on Campground Road will be replaced and relocated on 2nd Avenue across from Trilogy in the near future. Currently the existing station is not operable. We endeavor to have this project completed as soon as possible.