The Municipal Government Act (MGA) establishes a framework for local government that provides municipal councils with the powers necessary to provide for the needs of their community, balanced by councils’ accountability to the citizens who elect them.  It is therefore essential that citizens take an active interest in the development and direction of local governments and express their views to their locally elected representatives.

There are a number of opportunities for citizens to keep informed about municipal issues and make their views known to council through either formal or informal means:

  • Attend council meetings
  • Contact administration
  • Contact locally elected councillor(s)
  • Make a presentation to council at a council meeting
  • Petition process for Electors
  • Municipal Inspection Reports

Visit Alberta Municipal Affairs for more information

The Fox Creek Policy Draft

The Public Participation Policy, now required by all Alberta municipalities, will assist in availing decision makers, and the public the opportunities to exchange information and perspectives.

We have compiled a downloadable draft of our proposed Public Participation Policy for community reviewYou may contact administration or council members individually, or leave related, constructive, comments below and participate in the discussion.

Review the Public Participation Policy Draft