Public Works Matters – September 7, 2017

Bulk water sales will resume this week, and asphalt millings become available.

Bulk Water Sales Resume

Effective Immediately – the Town of Fox Creek will be resuming the sale of bulk water

The Water Treatment Plant, located just south of Town off Highway 43 along the SemCAMS Road,  is open for bulk water sales. The system will require new customers to set up an account with the utility clerk at the Town Administration Office.

All existing accounts will still operate, provided you enter your company PIN number.

The current charge as approved by Council (Bylaw 759-2015) is $10.00 per cubic meter (1000 litres).  This service will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

We recommend you visit the distribution site to ensure you have the correct attachments to connect to our new top fill system.

If you have any questions, please contact the Town Office at (780) 622-3896.

Asphalt Millings Available for Purchase

The Town of Fox creek has acquired a quantity of asphalt millings as a result of the Highway #43 improvements.

The millings are available to businesses and residents at $42.00 per cubic meter ($17.50 per ton). We have found this material to be great for dust control, it sheds rainfall easily, and will greatly reduce tracking of mud associated with heavy truck traffic.

As we have a limited quantity, there are several stipulations which accompany the purchase of this material:

  1. Millings are to be used only as a top coat on driveways and lots.
  2. Millings are NOT to be used as fill. It is unsuitable for this purpose anyway.
  3. Millings are NOT to be resold.
  4. Purchasers are responsible for transport of this material. Town Staff will help load vehicles, at the airport.
  5.  Millings are not a suitable alternative for residential driveways, they must still be paved or concreted.
  6.  Millings are available to Fox Creek residents and businesses, for use in town only.
  7. Payment is by debit/credit card only, at time of purchase.


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