The Public Works Department is eagerly awaiting delivery of our new snow plow. Currently, the truck has been built and arrived in Edmonton last week. It is being outfitted with a front plow, a belly plow, and a sander unit, and will then become a very welcome addition to our fleet.

Residents are advised to be cautious around the ice. Places like our storm pond on Kaybob Drive and sewage lagoons are notorious for inconsistent ice thickness due to constant movement of water. Please warn children about the dangers of natural ice. Remember that ice needs to a minimum of 10cm for people to safely use, 15cm for snowmobiles or quads, 25cm for cars and light automobiles, and 30cm for pickup trucks. Never trust cloudy or milky looking ice. Ice should appear clear and dark.

The snowmobile routes in town have had extensive maintenance performed this year including clearing and mulching. Town administration worked with AEP and the Northland Snow Goers to relocate a portion of the snowmobile trail leading out of town, adjacent to the Public Works Yard. Please stick to the new trail and avoid the new developments on 3 St. East.

Courtesy reminder: When clearing driveways and sidewalks, snow is not to be placed on the roadways.