During the Council Meeting on February 12, 2018, winter road maintenance, snow removal and the pilot program were thoroughly discussed.

Administration and Council weighed the results of the survey conducted last week, citizen complaints and concerns, cost implications and the feasibility of various road cleaning options.

While we will be continuing to work on our efficiency and maintain safe roads, there will be some modifications to our Pilot Program. Our formal snow removal policy will then be presented to Council later this year for approval.

We will be using the sign at the top of Kaybob Drive to indicate which side we would like residents to park on, and we ask for everyone’s cooperation. Placing signs out to give residents ample notice has proven to be a real hindrance. It takes a lot of staff time and effort to keep placing the signs, and often we have been limited in the amount of work we can do because our equipment often outpaces our signage. Therefore we will not be placing signs each time we need to clear the streets.

Sidewalk cleaning has proven to be an unachievable goal. As a result, there will be limited enforcement this winter regarding sidewalk maintenance.

During light snowfalls, we may allow the snow to accumulate on the roads, and sand/salt only when necessary. This will be weather dependent, and the response of the Public Works crew may vary.

We will work to clean the center of the roads to make all streets drivable at all times. The snow will be pushed to the sides keeping the center lanes open, and when it is deemed to be necessary, we will mobilize our staff and equipment to begin snow removal. There is a significant cost to hauling snow away, and we will work to ensure a reasonable solution to road clearing.

Cul-de-sacs will continue to be addressed as we have so far this year, meaning we will make these streets passable, and gather the snow into a large pile in the center. We understand the concerns residents have about sight-lines. This snow will be removed as soon as practical.

We will no longer push snow onto residential lawns. Also we will no longer be clearing out every approach and driveway each time we have the plows out. Light amounts of snow will be pushed into the outer lanes, and may stay there for some time until we gear up to remove the snow.

Thank you to all residents for bearing with us as we work toward making our winter road maintenance program a success.

John Greathead
Director of Operations, Town of Fox Creek

Snow Removal Survey – Feb. 2018