Water Treatment System Upgrades

Groundwork has begun with the upgrade to the Water Treatment and Distribution system of Fox Creek.

In May of 2015, the contract for the design and build of the Water Treatment Plant was awarded to CORIX Ltd. We will be using Greensand Plus media filters, and chlorine injection for our Water Treatment.

MPE has been designing the upgrade to the water system, including the building, piping, pumps, and construction of this project. Preliminary plants designs have been received and reviewed by the Town.

NuEdge has been installing the piping from our new well field to the Water Treatment Plant (WTP), and from the WTP to our Distribution System. Currently we have 1100 meters of 8”, 10” and 18” installed using directional boring procedures. The water line work, which requires approximately 9000 meters of piping, is expected to be completed by the last week of March 2016.

The drilling portion of the project included 13 new wells, which the Town plans on licensing for more than 900 gallons per minute (4 905 000 litres per day). This volume of water is anticipated to see the water supply system of Fox Creek through many years, and will be able to provide for a large amount of growth within the community.

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