What’s New in Planning and Development?

  • Fox Creek’s first Community Housing Demand Assessment Project has just been initiated by the collaboration between Planning & Development Department and Heart River Housing. The project team is currently designing the questionnaire, which will be handed out soon to the entire community through multiple media.
  • To increase the public accessibility of geographic information, our online map application (MuniSight) will be available to the public soon in this March. Once available, individuals are just one-click away from a vast amount of land information—from infrastructures, to public facilities, to land uses, the list will rapidly grow. Stay tuned for the upcoming introduction and tutorial! If you want to be the first to use the application, check the “Planning and Development” page from foxcreek.ca.
  • The Planning & Development Department is undertaking an amendment of Fox Creek Village Area Structure Plan, depending on the relocation of an extended ball diamond complex to be determined by the Council. The development principles of this area can be found in Section 7.4 of the Municipal Development Plan. Once approved, the new ASP will be published on “Planning and Development” page from foxcreek.ca.
  • Other Ongoing Projects:
    Zoning regulation review and amendment
    Airport ASP
    Truck Parking Plan
    Downtown Parking Strategy
    Design Guideline for Fox Creek Village
    Implementation Program for Municipal Development Plan and Downtown Area Redevelopment Plan
    Smart Growth Strategy
    Brownfield Redevelopment Incentives
    Downtown Revitalization Incentives


Planning and Development
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