September 23, 2019

During the September 9, 2019 Regular Meeting, Town of Fox Creek Council proposed an increase to both the ATCO Electric, and ATCO Gas and Pipeline Ltd. Franchise Fees.

The current franchise fee for ATCO gas and Pipeline Ltd. delivery revenue is set at 12.93%. The proposed increase will set the rate at 15%, resulting in a $0.94 increase to the average consumers monthly gas bill effective January 1, 2020. With an overall maximum rate of 35% for franchise fees, Fox Creek remains on the mid-lower end for franchise fees at 15%.

The ATCO Electric franchise fee is currently set as 5.5% and the Town of Fox Creek proposes it be increased to 6.5%. This additional 1% would mean an increase of $1.23 to the average consumers (based on 625 kWh) monthly bill. The maximum rate that can be charged to ATCO Electric for franchise fees is 20%, leaving Fox Creek on the lower end for franchise fees at 6.5%.

Franchise Fees are the Town of Fox Creek’s charges to ATCO Gas and Pipeline Ltd. and ATCO Electric to grant them exclusive rights to provide both gas and electricity distribution services to our community. These franchise fees also give ATCO the right to use town property for construction, operations, and extension of their distribution systems.

If you have questions regarding Franchise Fees or your utility rates, please visit the sites listed below.

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Electricity Rates and Billing

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