Road Maintenance

The Public Works department has a staff of 10, and a fleet of 7 vehicles that are available for snow removal

Our equipment includes 2 plow trucks, sanding truck, a grader, a front end loader, a 144” snow-blower, and a bobcat for clearing of walkways.

For snow removal, works crews will begin to clear the roadways by removing the snow in the center of each road, and ensuring that all roads are passable. Once all roads are passable, snow removal will begin in accordance with Town Policy, and following the protocol listed in that Policy.

To advise Town staff of concerns with the roadways, including snow removal, potholes, signage, or other hazards, please use the emails below. Alternatively, formal complaints may be filled out at the Town Administrative Office during normal working hours.

Please remember that homeowners are responsible to clear ice and snow from walkways adjacent to their property. Homeowners are also reminded that they are not to deposit snow from driveways and walkways onto the roads. This may cause unexpected driving conditions, which may lead to loss of control and accidents.

Director of Operations: