Business Licenses

Business Licensing

The Town of Fox Creek requires all businesses that are operating, working, providing or selling a product or service within or partially within the town corporate boundaries to possess a valid Fox Creek business license, as established in the Business License Bylaw 810-2018.

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Purchasing or Renewing a Business License

You may pay your annual business license fee by cheque made out to the Town of Fox Creek or at the Town Administration Office located at 102 Kaybob Drive. Download the application and information forms:

Business License Application Form for In-Town Businesses
Business License Application Form for Out-of Town Businesses

Business Licenses - Updated by Business License Bylaw 796-2017
Business License Application

Business License Application


Home Occupation (No GST Number)

$25.00 / year

Home Occupation (GST Registrant)

$125.00 / year


$75.00 / year


$75.00 /year

Service (banks, utility companies, cable, apartments, multi-family, rental properties, mobile home parks, and non-government run health care facilities)

$75.00 / year


$75.00 / year

Multi Commercial

$150.00 / year

1 Day Business License


1 Week Business License


Annual Business License - Alberta Home Office

$250.00 / year

Annual Business License - Out of Province Home Office

$350.00 /year


Operating a Business without a license

$500.00 + $100.00/day after conviction

Refusing an inspection


Failing to post license


Late fees

Until April 1


Until July 1


Until October 1


Until December 31


* Operating under one legal business name or numbered company, at the same address, businesses that operate in more than one locale are required to obtain business licenses for each individual business.

*NO multi-business for seasonal, peddler or non-resident businesses.

Pro-Rated Fees

Resident businesses are pro-rated on a quarterly basis for annual fees only.

  • January – March 31 – Full Price
  • April 1 – June 30 – 3/4 of Full Price
  • July 1 – September 30 – 1/2 of Full Price
  • October 1 – December 31 – 1/4 of Full Price


Where a business license is surrendered, revoked or cancelled, the Town of Fox Creek shall refund the license fee as follows:

  • If surrendered, revoked or cancelled prior to September 1 of the current calendar year, the Town of Fox Creek shall refund to the licensee 1/2 (one half) of the annual fee therefore, but this provision shall not apply for an license issued for a period of less than the full license year.
  • If surrendered, revoked or cancelled after September 1 of the current calendar year, the Town of Fox Creek shall not be liable to refund all or any portion thereof of the license fee.

Business License Cancellations

If you are no longer operating your business in Fox Creek, please ensure you fill out the Business License Cancellation form and return it to the Town of Fox Creek Administration Office.

Business License Cancellation Form