Health Care

Fox Creek is well serviced by a variety of Primary Health Services. The local Hospital, Medical Clinic and Health Unit are able to respond to all basic health care needs and immediate concerns here in the community. If specialists are required, patients are referred to larger centres. Some specialists do service the community periodically.

STARS is used to respond to medical emergencies that cannot be addressed locally. The Fox Creek airport allows for STARS to quickly and effectively access any local patients that may need immediate air transportation to any major centre.

Health Link is a free and confidential phone service you can call to get health advice from a Registered Nurse.

Fox Creek Home Care Services

For information please call
Phone: 780-622-3730

Fox Creek Medical Clinic

600 3rd Street
Fox Creek, Alberta, T0H 1P0

Phone: 780-622-3010 | Fax: 780-622-4169

Health Nurse

Fox Creek
Public Health Services
Phone: 780-622-3730

Fox Creek Mental Health Services

Intake and Service Information: 1-844-817-5009
General Inquiries: 780-622-5106