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Public Notices

Public Notice: Restriction Exemption Program Reminder

October 21, 2021|

From Oct. 26 and beyond, individuals over the age of 18 must have proof of a complete vaccine series with the second dose or have proof of a recent (within the previous 72 hours) negative COVID-19 test... [Read More]

Public Notice: Management of the Fox Creek RV Campground to be moved

October 12, 2021|

Since its opening, the Fox Creek RV Campground has been managed from the Town of Fox Creek Administration Office. Patrons of the campground could make payments, check the status of available stalls, and get general information on the campground itself. However, effective today this service will now be offered through the Fox Creek Greenview Multiplex. [Read More]

Public Notice: Restriction Exemption Program at the Multiplex and Hall

September 21, 2021|

As COVID-19 restrictions have ebbed and flowed consistently over the past 18+ months, we have remained on our toes and have made tough calls that have been unfortunate, but necessary. Many of these calls have been completely out of our hands, as provincial mandates supersede any decision made on the municipal level, but we have continuously done what we could in the effort to bring an end to this pandemic. [Read More]

Public Notice: New Provincewide Public Health Measures

September 16, 2021|

As much of the community may have heard by now the Government of Alberta has once again declared a state of public health emergency and as such, effective today, additional measures have been put in place to ease the strain that this fourth wave of COVID-19 has caused. [Read More]

Public Notice: Precautions being taken at Iosegun and Smoke Lake Campgrounds

August 3, 2021|

We want to make sure that our campgrounds stay the nice hospitable places we have come to know, and that new people will come to love. Thus, in light of the recent thefts and vandalisms occurring at both Smoke Lake and Iosegun Lake campgrounds, the Town of Fox Creek will be taking some precautions to ensure and maintain a positive camping experience. [Read More]