Setting up a Utility Account

If you are moving into a home there are a few things you need to do when setting up a utility account. First fill out the form below then phone or visit the Town Administration Office. The Office will require your name, phone numbers, move in date, and whether or not you own or rent. Utility accounts can only be registered in the property owners name.

 Utility Disconnect / Connect Form

 Monthly Payment / Installment Plan

Visit the Utilities Consumer Advocate website to compare electricity and gas prices in the area, view historical rates, or get help resolving water and energy utility related issues.

Utilities Consumer Advocate website

Cost Comparison Tool

Historic Rates

Contact Information

Utility Fee Schedule

Residential Water - Effective September 1, 2016


User Fee Water Rate

$15.50 Base Rate

0.00 - 50.00 Cubic Metres

$1.22 / Cubic Metre

51.00 - 100.00 Cubic Metres

$1.65 / Cubic Metre

101.00 + Cubic Metres

$2.25 / Cubic Metre

Non Metered Rate

$200.00 Flat Rate

Multi-Family Residential / Commercial Water Rates


I/C Water System User

$41.50 Base Rate

0.00 - 500 cubic metres

$1.95 / cubic metre

501.00 - 1000 cubic metres

$2.30 / cubic metre

1001.00+ cubic metres

$6.60 cubic metres

  • Greenview Tipping Fees: $2.50 / Month
  • Sewer: $7.50 / Month + $0.69 per cube
  • Garbage: $20.00 / Month
  • Recycle: $7.00 / Month

Billing Procedures

Each month you will receive a bill outlining your monthly utility charges. The Town Administration Office accepts cheques, cash, interac, bank, internet or telebank payments.

If there is an amount owing on your utility bill, your water may be disconnected. There will be a $50.00 reconnection fee to have the water turned back on.

Moving Out?

Please inform the Town Administration Office in advance when you are moving out of your residence so that staff can appropriately bill you for the month. A forwarding address will be needed so that we can send your final bill, or cheque if your deposit is larger than your final charges.

Bulk Water Purchases and Accounts

Bulk Water
Bulk Water - Truck Fill

Coin Operated

$10.00 / m3

Bulk Water - Truck Fill

Account Set-up required

$10.00 / m3

 Utility Disconnect / Connect FormBulk Water New Account Form

Sewer Inspection and Septage Receiving

The Town of Fox Creek has a septage receiving station located at the RV Park in Town. Accounts can be arranged through the Utility Clerk at the Town Administration Office at 780.622.3896.

  • Septage Receiving – Account Set-up Required $10.75 / m3
  • Sewer Camera Inspection – $120.00

 Septage Receiving Station – Customer Registration Form