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Welcome to the TOWN OF FOX CREEK

A Citizen focused vibrant sustainable community, embracing diversified
partnerships and building upon small town family values.

Fox Creek is a citizen-focused vibrant and sustainable community, embracing diversified economic partnerships and prides itself on small-town family values. The Municipality of Fox Creek is a vibrant and bustling hotbed of economic activity in the heart of the Duvernay. Known mainly for its bountiful wilderness, Fox Creek showcases the very best of the surrounding forests, lakes and wildlife, making it the perfect location for enjoying the outdoors. Fox Creek combines a serene wilderness experience, with small-town hospitality, first-class amenities, and a reliable service centre for the active oil and gas industry surrounding the community. Fox Creek is a great place to call home.


Fox Creek is a great place to call home. We have it all … exciting job opportunities, good neighbourhoods, excellent education and health care facilities and plenty to do in your leisure time.


Fox Creek – the place to do business in Northern Alberta. We offer a pro-business climate, untapped resources with superior economic opportunities in the busiest little Town in Alberta.