Property Assessment and Taxation

Property assessments are completed annually

Please click the link for more detailed information about Assessment and Taxation in Alberta:

AB Guide to Property Assessment and Taxation

Property assessments are completed annually. The Town’s assessor evaluates properties based on a number of variables, including lot and home size, market value on July 1st and physical condition on December 31st of the preceding year.

If you feel your assessment is inaccurate, a formal complaint can be filed within 60 days of the date on the current year’s assessment and taxation notice. To file a complaint, please fill out the form below. Please note that there will be a charge of $50.00 to file the complaint.

Assessment Complaint Form

Assessment Agent Complaint Form

Assessment Notice Complaint Dates


Fees and Charges for Assessment Complaints (as per Fees and Charges Bylaw 800-2017)

  • Application to Appeal Assessment: $50.00
  • Successful Application to Appeal Assessment Refund (this would be refunded to the applicant): $50.00

Assessment and Taxation Notices are comprised of four components:

  1. Municipal Taxes
  2. Alberta School Foundation Requisition
  3. Seniors Lodge Requisition
  4. Designated Industrial (DI)

The town uses the municipal portion of the funds collected to provide services to the residents of the community. The requisitioned money is forwarded to the appropriate governing bodies.

Property Taxes are calculated using the following formula:

Residential Assessed Property Value x Total Tax Rate / 1000 = Annual Taxes Due

For example, if your single family residential property was assessed at $300,000.00 your 2022 residential taxes would be $3495.87.
$300,000.00 x 11.6529/ 1000 = $3495.87

Current Property Tax Rates and Billing Procedures







Municipal Tax Rate






Alberta School Tax Requisition





Senior's Housing Requisition












Industrial/Linear with DI assess (.0766)


Previous Mill Rate

Submitting Your Taxes

The Town of Fox Creek will send out annual assessment and taxation notices before June 7, 2022. Taxes are due on or before July 15, 2022.

Please allow adequate mailing time to avoid late payment penalties. In accordance with the Municipal Government Act, payments will be considered paid on time if received at the Town Administration Office by 4:30 pm, postmarked by Canada Post or processed by a financial institution on or before the due date.

If a Canada Post postmark is absent or illegible, the date received by the Town of Fox Creek will be considered the payment date. Commercial postage meter imprints will NOT be honoured.

Penalties on unpaid property taxes will be applied in accordance with Bylaw 820-2019. Penalty amounts are as follows:

  • An Annual Penalty of 15% will be applied to all current taxes not paid by the due date of the taxation notice unless you are participating in a Monthly Payment Plan.
  • January 2, 15% on all balances unpaid by December 31.

Tax Payment Methods

All payments made by cheque must be made payable to the “Town of Fox Creek” and be accompanied by the remittance portion of your tax notice. Please ensure that your cheque is completed accurately as the Town of Fox Creek is not responsible for errors and/or omissions.

Property tax payments can be made:

  • In Person – at the reception desk at the Town Administration Office, Monday through Thursday 8:00 am – 4:30 pm and Fridays between 8:00 am and 1:00 pm. Cash, cheque,  Interac, and visa are accepted.
  • By Mail – the Town of Fox Creek, P.O. Box 149 Fox Creek, Alberta T0H 1P0
  • By using the after-hours drop box – payments made by cheque can be deposited in the drop box at the front entrance for the Town Administration Office.
  • By your mortgage company, if the property tax notice displays the name of your mortgage company, we are expecting payment from them. If the mortgage company name does not appear on the notice and you believe it should contact your mortgage company immediately.
  • By a Financial Institution – payments can be made at most financial institutions.
  • On an arranged monthly basis. The goal of the program is to allow ratepayers the flexibility of making installment payments during the year, with the intention that at December 31 the account is paid in full. To participate in this program the linked form must be completed and delivered to the Town office.
    Forms available here. There is no additional cost when you choose to pay taxes this way. Both residential and business property owners can participate.

Property owners are ultimately responsible to ensure that property taxes are paid on time. If you have chosen to pay your property taxes through a mortgage company or financial institution, it is recommended that you verify with them that your taxes will be paid in full and on time.