Council held a Public Hearing for proposed Land Use Bylaw Amendment 824-2019-A02. In this amendment, the Town proposed changing the limitation on home-based businesses from one (1) at a single residence to more than one (1) at the discretion of the Development Officer. No one had come forward to voice opposition to the amendment during the hearing and Council later gave final readings and passed the bylaw, which is available on the Town of Fox Creek website.

Community Futures Yellowhead East (CFYE) presented via Zoom their 2020/2021 Annual Stakeholder Report. Highlighted in the report was the Regional Relief & Recovery Fund Phase 1 and 2 contributions provided to businesses by CFYE. Phase 1 did not see any Fox Creek business applications, however in Phase 2 $40,00.00 was contributed to local businesses who qualified. Approvals were based on the applicant’s ability to meet the required criteria which was provided by Western Diversification. CFYE’s 2020 Strategic Goals include development of solid policy and procedures, increasing awareness to CFYE services, and increasing loan availability.
Following the report, the delegation from CFYE requested municipal sponsorship in the amount of $500.00 for the 2021 Lemonade Day’s Local Entrepreneur of the Year Contest, a training space free of charge, distribution of promo materials, and volunteers to assist in judging contests. Council approved this request and looks forward to promoting entrepreneurialism within the youth of our community. More information on Lemonade Day can be found on the Community Futures Yellowhead East website.

With the ongoing attempts to have the speed limit of Highway 43 reduced for the length of Fox Creek, Council has approved becoming a member of the Coalition for Safer Alberta Roads of whom Administration has been working with for two (2) years. The Coalition is a not-for-profit organization that has been instrumental in organizing meetings with Alberta Transportation, bringing industry partners on board, and advocating for the community.

The Tender Award for the Removal and Demolition of the Derald Palmer Memorial Arena has been given to McColman & Sons Demolition Ltd., who scored the highest on the Request for Proposal’s Evaluation Criteria. The total amount for the project, including GST, is $238,770.00 and will be funded by the Municipal Sustainability Program Grant. Unfortunately, due to its design, it was strongly advised by industry experts that the concrete pad not be left in as it is not suitable for outdoor use and would not hold up to the changing weather Alberta sees.