• Fibre optics, the future-proof technology that transmits data at the speed-of-light. It will guarantee to assist your community with further economic development and population growth.
  • Axia’s fibre offers unlimited data, constant connectivity, symmetrical uploads and downloads at the speed-of-light and it’s open access.
  • There is no capital cost to your community. Axia is investing $100 million into connecting rural Alberta. We design and build a future-proof fibre network. We connect your home or business to the network with your very own fibre line. Again, we believe in open access, allowing the customer the ultimate choice in who provides them their service and how they use their connectivity.
  • The benefits of becoming a FibreTown include:
    • Population growth – 77% of Vulcan residents believed the town was more attractive to new potential residents. 53% believed they saw young people staying or moving back.
    • Enhanced Quality Of Life – 60% of Vulcan residents said their quality of life improved since Axia came to town.
    • Annual Savings – Vulcan residence recognized they saved an average of $72/month thanks to a reduction in phone & TV bills.
    • New Businesses – 72% believed their town was more attractive as a location for businesses. Before Axia, there was a -2% decline year over year. After Axia, there was 14% increase in business license applications.
  • Plans & Pricing for residential include:
    • 25 Mbps for $59/month*
    • 500 Mbps for $79/month*
    • 1 Gbps for $99/month*
    • *All packages include unlimited data, constant connectivity and lightning speed uploads and downloads.
  • Axia’s $100 million investment in Alberta will be deployed in communities based on the two key criteria:
  1. Community Leadership that understands the transformational benefits of Axia’s fibre services and,
  2. Grass roots support from community members through ‘Expression of Interest’ (minimum of 30%).

Register your interest in Fibre Optics, with Axia

For Axia to gauge interest, residents are asked to follow the link, provide your home/business address, first name and last name, phone number and e-mail.

To learn more about Axia, visit their website.