Third letter to the People of Fox Creek

Unbelievable. The COVID threat, cabin fever, a prolonged winter and loss of income are really tough to manage. The good news is that we still do not have a positive case.

A big however, is that we do not expect to get through this unscathed. Please remain vigilant and follow the guidelines scrupulously.

The Fox Creek hospital and clinic staff have done extensive preparation. Drills are also executed to prepare for a possible influx if we experience a peak of infections.

How can you help us?

The most important thing is to recognize that you are ill from the virus and phone us so that you can be assessed at an early stage.

The reason being that we want to recognize the serious cases very early. We are isolated and have to organize transport expeditiously.

The clinic and hospital also remain open for other problems but please phone in advance so that we can prepare for the visit either by phone or an actual visit.

The town has been magnificent so far. Let’s face the next hurdles with good faith and good decision making. That means if you’re short of breath you should contact us early.

Stay strong and remember: We can do this!

The physicians of Fox Creek