The community Peace Officer advised Council that the grant money from Shell for the Helmets for Kids program has been received. The program will allow him to purchase bike helmets for kids who may be in need, as well as having helmets available for borrowing at the arena. The Peace Officer will be looking at implementing the program as soon as possible.

The Director of Community Services was pleased to report to Council that a new sign has been placed at the Community Gardens. She noted that Public Works assisted in the installation and ensured it was secured.

The ice plant has been turned on at the Fox Creek Greenview Multiplex, with plans of installing the ice and painting the lines the week of August 12. Opening day is tentatively scheduled for August 19.

Acting Director of Operations reported that the hydrant flushing has been completed. No complaints were reported to Town Administration during the process, suggesting that it went well.

Council approved Shell Canada Ltd. proposed pipeline. The pipeline is to run from 07-33-062-19W5M to 08-06-063-19W5M and will cross a portion of the Town’s Lagoon site. To complete the pipeline a portion of the road connecting the Horse Pasture to the North Road will also be required.

A meeting has been scheduled between Council and MLA Todd Loewen for August 15. The topics planned to be discussed include the intersection at Highway 43 and Kaybob Drive, the town’s need of a Public Health Nurse, the need of a Fish and Wildlife Officer, Heart River Housing, and development opportunities.