The Chief Administrative Officer spoke to Council briefly about the new Library space in the Fox Creek Greenview Multiplex. The project is almost complete and she’s excited for the public to see this new one of a kind contemporary space.

Also announced was the tender package for the Kaybob Drive Re-Paving project going out Tuesday August 11th. This will come to a close and be ready for Council discussion on August 25th. A Special Meeting of Council will be held on the 27th to award the tender.

The repainting and alteration of the mural on the Water Tower has been finished. This work was required because of sulfur and water leaching through the walls of the tower which ultimately caused the previous mural’s paint peel. The new mural design has taken these areas of leaching into consideration to ensure its longevity.

Council has passed a Tax Arrears Payment Plan Bylaw as well. With the passing of this bylaw the Town of Fox Creek may establish a payment plan for taxes in arrears. The term of the payment plan will be determined by the amounts of taxes in arrears, the amount of estimated taxes to be imposed, the applicant’s ability to pay and shall not exceed a maximum of 3 years. Payments are to be in monthly installments with the option of withdrawing (conditions will apply) from the plan at any time.

Council has approved a local business’s application for the Façade Improvement Grant. This grant program allows businesses with existing commercial and mixed-use buildings in the Downtown Revitalization Area to make upgrades to their building’s streetscapes as well as encourages structural and weather/water proofing repairs that will contribute to the building’s integrity.