A delegation from the Eagle Tower Victim Service Unit presented to Council some of their 2019 statistics for Fox Creek and the surrounding areas, as well as introduced their new Support Dog Karson. They assist victims of various crimes or trauma and out of their 2019 case load, 5.8% of cases were in Fox Creek.

The Fire Chief reported on Chevron’s substantial donation of $45,000.00 to the Fox Creek Fire Department. The donation will go towards new equipment including battery hydraulics, Hazmat equipment, scene lighting, and a sauna. The sauna will be used as a preventative measure against cancer which the fire fighters are at higher risk of.

The Municipal By-Election Advance Poll was held on January 18th at the Fox Creek Greenview Multiplex and saw 48 people cast their ballots ahead of January 27th Voting Day.

The Director of Parks and Recreation reported to Council that the first Women’s Health Day that was held on January 11 was a success. The day included multiple fitness classes, guest speakers, tradeshow, and two catered meals. Childmind was available for the close to 60 women through the Parent Link Centre. With the success of the event, they will be looking at hosting another Women’s Health Day again.

The new Town app the Fox Creek Community Connection was launched at the beginning of the month. Through this app the community can access of the events and programs that are offered by the Fox Creek Greenview Multiplex and Community Resource Centre. This app will work in place of the previous paper community guide and will provide more accurate up to date information that people are looking for. The app can be found on both the Google Play Store, and the Apple App Store.

Council has given second and third reading to bylaw 829-2019 – Removal of the Reserve Designation on the Curling Rink Lot. Now, upon the completion of the registration of the subdivision, the Town can transfer the land to the Fox Creek Curling club for $1.00.