The Director of Recreation briefly discussed the success of last month’s Santa Claus parade and Christmas Lights contest. Also well received was the 12 Days of Christmas Sale, where sales and promotions of 12 separate businesses were highlighted. After hearing lots of praise from the community, the Town has plans of making this an annual occurrence and potentially growing it into a larger holiday event.

An amendment to Bylaw 802-2018: Traffic Control was brought forward to Council. Bylaw 802-2018-A01 introduced the following amendments:

  • Additional definitions, including Approved Driveway, Commercial Vehicle, and Highway.
  • A failure to comply with Peace Officer direction has been added.
  • No parking in areas that impede snow removal or on unauthorized private property.
  • Allowing the Peace Officer to levy a municipal fine for improper parallel parking.
  • Changes to the parking of RVs. Changes now allow individuals to park RVs on approved driveways in the front of their homes year-round as long as the RV is 2 meters from the sidewalk or curb.

These amendments come ahead of a planned review of the bylaw in its entirety. A copy of the approved Bylaw 802-2018-A01: Traffic Control amendment is available for public viewing on the Town of Fox Creek website.

Council has approved several upgrades and changes to both Smoke Lake and Iosegun Lake campgrounds. Upgrades include the replacement of the bridge joining the Spruce Loop to the beach at Iosegun Lake, as well as the replacement of 2 outhouses on Iosegun Lake’s Birch Loop and 1 outhouse on B Loop at Smoke Lake. Additionally, the Day Use Area (not to be confused with the Group Use Area) at Iosegun Lake with be converted into 4 Seasonal Campsites.

The building commonly referred to as the “new Fire Hall” has been unanimously named the Fox Creek Greenview Protective Services building by Council. The name came after some discussion regarding the name of other similar buildings in the MD of Greenview as well as the consideration of the building’s potential future usage. With the name now established, Administration will begin preparations for signage to be installed.