The Community Peace Officer received approval confirmation from Shell Canada for the Helmets for Kids grant application. The program will see $1000.00 go towards supplying helmets to children in need. Roll out of the program is projected for Fall 2019.

Canada Day was held at the Fox Creek Greenview Multiplex this year and saw a large community turnout to the festivities.

The Director of Operations advised Council that the Highway Avenue Reconstruction Project is so far on schedule for a completion date of August 31, 2019. Concerns conveyed by business owners have been addressed, and as the project continues they will be kept informed of anything that will affect them.

The Clinic Manager has provided an implementation date for the EMR (Electronic Medical Record). They are having the Clinic assessment October 18 and will be going live with the system November 25, 2019.

Two new bylaws were passed at the July 15 Council Meeting. One updating the bylaw to Regulate the Proceedings of Council, and the other was a new bylaw to establish a Code of Conduct for the Members of Council. Copies of the bylaws will be made available via the Town of Fox Creek website.

Councillors McMullen Bainton and Burridge attended a Library Board Meeting June 18. The board discussed the 1 year notice advising that the Public Library was to no longer be located within the Fox Creek School. Discussions as to where the Public Library will be located, and whether it will remain its own entity or become another subdivision of the town are still ongoing. Speakers will be coming to the September Library Board meeting to provide more information and discuss these matters further.