A delegation from Chevron presented to Council via Zoom the company’s COVID-19 response as well as provided an update on their Kaybob Development. Chevron’s response to the pandemic has included screenings at all Chevron sites, temperature screenings for all staff travelling on crew flights, the installation of five thermal imaging cameras on work sites to scan for potential fever, and a contribution of $12M US to assist with the COVID-19 humanitarian efforts.

Also announced was Chevron’s response to the global commodity price collapse included a reduction in their 2020 capital spending by $6B, a reduction to the Kaybob Duvernay program to one rig and completion crew, and an adjustment to their organizational structure and staff numbers.

During their 02-21-062-19W5 hydraulic fracturing completion operation, which occurred between May-June 2019, Chevron utilized a local dense monitoring array to monitor seismic activity. The local dense monitoring array helps detect lower magnitude seismic events, which ultimately allows for early mitigation and management. Four small events had been detected, all between -0.1 and -0.6 ML. According to AER protocol, anything less than 2.0 ML only requires monitoring.

The Director of Community Services announced that with the donation from Ovintiv, they will be able to unveil the new Meal Assistance Program. In partnership with the Edmonton Meals on Wheels program, the Community Resource Centre will be able to provide a variety of affordable, prepared frozen meals for community members in need.

Knelson, the company hired for the Highway Avenue project, will be in town this week to complete the landscaping and final touch-ups on the street.

Along with the 2020 Capital and Operating budgets, Property Tax Bylaw 836-2020 was passed at the May 25th Regular Meeting. New to this bylaw is the implementation of a minimum tax bylaw in the amount of $300.00.

A new Tax Penalty Bylaw also was brough to Council for passing. This Tax Penalty Bylaw 837-2020 formalizes Council’s extension of this year’s Property Tax due date to September 30, 2020.

Council has motioned to reopen all our town’s parks and outdoor recreation areas, not including the Splash Park which can not be opened until Stage 3. Signs will be placed at all parks notifying families that their children are not to play at the playground if they are unwell and advising that hands need to be washed after leaving the facility. Though the Town will perform regular inspections, maintenance and monitoring of the park areas, the Town is not responsible for any additional cleaning of the playgrounds.

A new billboard design has been chosen by Council. The new design will go on the pre-existing billboard located along Highway 43 at the Fox Creek airport and consist of silhouettes of the various resources available in our community.

Councillor Burridge briefly discussed the Municipal Planning Commissions approval of a business license application for a Cannabis Dispensary in town.