Council Highlights – May 27, 2024

Addressing Concerns of Fox Creek Community

After the recent tax increase, the Council held a Q&A session before the regular meeting to address the community’s concerns and questions about the changes in taxes. The Council and the Town’s Administration are working on launching a “Council Highlights” series, where we will go over the agenda and highlight the most important discussed and approved areas for our community. An open house is planned for the upcoming fall of 2024 to inform the community about current projects, progress, and updates on initiatives and plans. The Town will increase advertising for upcoming Council Meetings and work to engage the local community more in Council activities and policy/project development.


Fox Creek for the Children Fundraising Society

The Council received a presentation from the Fox Creek for the Children Fundraising Society about their Accessible Playground Project. This project aims to provide an inclusive play environment for children and adults with physical and neurological limitations. The initiative has garnered strong community support, as evidenced by several community support letters.


Community Services

Community Services continue to deliver a wide range of programs and services to support residents of all ages.

  • Programs and Services: The Medical Transport/Volunteer Driver program, Community Gardens, and Volunteer Income Tax program are running successfully.
  • Youth and Senior Programs: High participation rates in youth and senior programs, with new garden plots and volunteer appreciation events planned.
  • Support Services: Ongoing support for residents through various social services and community engagement initiatives.


The Recreation Department is seeing a significant increase in participation and engagement across its facilities.

  • Multiplex Attendance: The Multiplex has experienced notable growth in pool, fitness center, and fieldhouse usage compared to the previous year.
  • Summer Programming: A variety of activities and events are planned for the summer, aimed at engaging the community and promoting healthy living.


The Operations Department is focused on maintaining and improving the town’s infrastructure and services.

  • Maintenance Projects: Ongoing maintenance of water and sewer services, landfill operations, and street grading and sweeping.
  • Road Projects: Activities like crack sealing, pothole patching, and other road maintenance are in progress to ensure safe and smooth travel for residents.

Chief Administrative Officer’s Report

The Chief Administrative Officer provided updates on several key projects and initiatives.

  • Capital Projects: Progress on projects such as the Water Treatment Plant Upgrades, Main Street paving, and RV Campground Expansion.
  • Service Improvements: Migration to Microsoft 365 to streamline services and improve operational efficiency.
  • Community Partnerships: Preparations for meetings with Oil and Gas partners to discuss community support and partnership opportunities.

Canada Day Fireworks

Considering current circumstances, the Council has decided to cancel the Canada Day Fireworks. Instead, they will be used during the Christmas Event to ensure a memorable and festive celebration for the community. This decision aims to prioritize safety while still providing a spectacular display for residents to enjoy later in the year.

Economic Development and Events

The Council continues to focus on economic development and community engagement through various events.

  • Conference Attendance: Approved attendance at the 2025 Economic Developers Alberta Conference and the 2024 Economic Developers Alberta Ministry Dinner.
  • Community Participation: The Town will also participate in the 2024 Greenview Charity Clay Shoot to foster community relationships and support local initiatives.

Council Business Reports

Reports from Mayor Gilmour and Councillor Norman were presented and accepted as information, ensuring transparency, and keeping the community informed about ongoing Council activities and decisions.