During the Public Hearing held prior to the Regular Council Meeting the updates to Land Use Bylaw 824-2019 were presented. With no comments from the public for or against the changes, Council adjourned the Public Hearing and later that evening held 2nd and 3rd reading of the Bylaw.

A delegation from the Northlands Sno-Goers brought to Council information on their proposed staging area. The area proposed is roughly a 5.5-acre plot just off the North Road and offers a location that is ideal for noise reduction. The group is looking for a Town donation of the land, which will be granted upon the Town’s acquisition of the land from the province.

It was announced, that due the recent resignation of a Councillor, that Fox Creek will be required to hold a by-election. Council has motioned to begin advertisement of the Notice of Nomination November 27, and Nomination Day will take place on December 9, 2019. The Town of Fox Creek Municipal By-election advance polls shall take place on January 27, 2020, while advance polls will be held on January 18.

In response to the letter from the Minister of Children’s Services, Council has directed Administration to send a letter to our local MLA Todd Loewen outlining the concerns regarding the funding cuts to Fox Creek’s In Home Support and Parent Link Centre programs.

Council has motioned that Town Administration hire a contractor to complete a survey of the hazardous materials on the Derald Palmer Memorial Arena with the intention to be able to determine the viable options for the facility’s future.

Town Administration has also been directed to send a follow-up letter to the Minister of Transportation regarding the intersections and speed limits entering and exiting town, as well as a letter to the pertinent departments regarding Highway 43’s winter road conditions.