A delegation from the Fox Creek Municipal Library Board advised Council that as of July 1, 2020 the Joint Use Agreement between the Library Board and Northern Gateway School Division will no longer be in effect resulting in the library needing to relocate. The Library Board has requested Council consider the library’s opportunity to relocate to the Multiplex.

The Fox Creek Legion notified Council of the current state of deterioration of the Cenotaph and their interest in making improvements to it and area surrounding the Cenotaph. Improvements may include increased accessibility, new memorial structures, and a park like setting with benches.

The Acting Directors of Community Services highlighted the new Seniors Facilitator and the programs she’s brought to the senior community. The facilitator has been focusing on Alzheimer’s and Dementia and plans on working with the Alzheimer Association to provide a presentation.

The Girls Hockey Camp held October 5th was a success with a total of 56 girls/women in attendance. Council was advised that the MacEwan Griffins enjoyed their stay in Fox Creek and there may be potential for future returns to town.

Acting Director of Operations reported that with weather improving paving of Highway Avenue should be completed by October 18th.

Council has approved the installation of warning lights at the Fire Hall. These lights will allow the department to signal traffic to stop and allow the emergency vehicles to exit on to Kaybob Drive safely.

The purchase of interior and exterior signage for the Multiplex has also been approved. The community can expect the interior signage to put some needed final touches on the facility with the use of murals and way finding signs. Exterior signage will include the facility name on the front of the building as well as a large pillar sign to guide the public to the Multiplex and to advertise community events.