Council has agreed to set the Regular Council Meeting dates to every 3rd Monday going forward. The community can expect all meetings to be advertised as per normal, and an updated calendar can be found on the Town website.

There are still openings for volunteers on the Town boards and committees. All interested persons can get more information on the variety of boards and their mandates by contacting the Town Office.

Council has motioned to move forward with the Forest Resource Improvement Association of Alberta (FRIAA) Grant application for a tabletop exercise. This exercise will help different groups in our community as well as Town staff prepare for potential wildfires in our area.

In recognition of Shell’s $10,000 donation, Town Council has moved to name the Skate Sharpening Room in the Fox Creek Greenview Multiplex the Shell Skate Sharpening Room. The money donated by Shell Canada was used to purchase the equipment to operate the room for Minor Hockey.

Council has approved Administrations request to contact local businesses located along Highway Avenue to notify them that the Town will be cleaning their parking lots as a thank you for their patience during the construction this summer. Cleaning of the parking lots will occur as soon as weather permits, either before the snow stays for the season or as soon as possible in the spring.